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Are our packages customisable?

Yes! Contact us if you have any special requirements and we would be happy to tailor to your needs.

Can you get the booth up stairs?

Our Open-Air photo booth can go up stairs. If you have hired our Mirror-Air photo booth and the booth will need to go up stairs then please let us know so we can organise a second booth attendant. 

How many people can fit into the booth?

Approximately 12 people, although we have seen people get pretty creative and fit a lot more!

Can we brand the booth with our company logo?

Certainly! Our graphic designer can make our booth software match the theme of your event.

How much space do you need for each booth?

For any Open Air Booth or booth that requires a backdrop, 3 metres squared is needed. For a stand alone GIF Booth or Hashtag Printer 1 metre squared is needed.

When do we get the photos?

You will receive a copy of the photos within 24 hours after the event.

Can we design our own photo strips?

Yes! Just email us the design/logo you would like and we will add it to the photo strip template. Otherwise our graphic designer would be happy to design it for you.

Do we charge extra for delivery?

Travel within 70 km of Wollongong is free. A travel fee may apply for venues further than 70kms from Wollongong.

Are we insured?

Yes. We have the appropriate insurance.

If you have any other questions email or call us using the information below and we will get back to you promptly.


PHONE NUMBER: 0414 424 399


Thanks! Message sent.

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