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Do you already have a logo that you want to use or want to have a go at creating your own?  Here's some information you'll need to know. Our #Hashtag prints come in 6 by 4 and they're completely customisable. The logo is usually situated at the bottom of the print but doesn't have to be.

Designing the logo only and keeping the rest of the print white:

When creating your logo please keep in mind they have a maximum space of approximately 1200w X 225h pixels (1.95cm x 5cm). Any ideas you have for the logo must suit these measurements. Once you have designed your logo, send it through as a JPEG and we'll do a mock-up for your approval.

If you would like to design the whole print, not just the logo:

The size of the print is 1200pixels wide by 1800pixels high (6 by 4 inches) and the photo usually takes up 1112 by 1112 pixels (but you can make it a square of any size) and you can do whatever you want with the rest of the print design. Just send us a PNG with the area for the photo transparent and we'll upload it to our #Hashtag software. Then just let us know what other information you would like included (shown in the example below)  in the form at the bottom of the page. If you don't have the software to create your own logo then head here to view our templates or here if you'd like us to design a logo for you.

Happy designing!




















Elements of a 4 by 6 #Hashtag print template.

Once you have completed the form we will email you with the final product to make sure your prints are exactly the way you want them. Thank you!

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