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Our photo strips are fully customisable. You can have any background you want, you can have 1-4 photos on each strip and the logo can be situated anywhere in whatever size you want it (although we do recommend keeping to the sizes in the diagram below). 

Keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to customise your photo strip, they still look great with no logo and a plain background.

Tips on creating a great logo


The below diagram shows examples of 5 different sized logos that we recommend sticking to. If you are designing your own logo, please send us through a high-resolution JPEG file in one of the sizes shown in the diagram. When designing your logo please keep in mind it will only be approximately 4cm wide and 2cm tall. This doesn't leave much space for detail so in most cases, the simpler the better. Please note that some logos may be too detailed or the quality may be too low to be displayed correct on the photo strip. In this case we will let you know and work with you to create the perfect logo.

Photo Strip Size Guide

Choosing a background for your photo strip

In the templates below we have tried to include a background for every event. Most customers choose a plain white background (template no.19) but some want to spice up their photo strip a little more. If the colour you want to use isn't included in one of the templates below please upload an image file or screen shot of your chosen colour or type the  RGB or CMYK values in the form at the bottom of the page. If you have another idea then let us know and we will tell you whether it's possible or not. Please note that in templates 7 and 8 the photos are smaller to make room for extra elements.

Strip Background Templates

Once you have completed the form we will email you with the final product to make sure your photo strip is exactly the way you want it. Thank you!

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