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By submitting Playhard’s booking form, the hirer is agreeing to the following terms & conditions.



1.1 Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to check current rates before booking.

1.2 A $200 deposit payment is required from the hirer within 7 days after the issue date on the invoice. The booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been paid.

The remaining balance will be payable by the hirer at least 14 days before the booked date.

1.3 Travel within 70 km of Wollongong is free. We charge $50.00 for every 50km after that.

1.4 If the booth attendant has to wait more than 1 hours after setting up, before the hire period starts then we will charge $30 per hour. 



2.1 Requests for changes of the hire date must be made at least 30 days before the original hire date. A date change is subject to availability.

2.2 If a booking is cancelled by the hirer more than 30 days prior to the booking date, the deposit will be kept as reservation of service fee and all other money paid to that date will be refunded.

2.3 If a cancellation is made by the hirer within 30 days of the booking date, the deposit and all other money will be forfeited.

2.4 If Playhard Photo Booths has not received final payment for a booking at least 72 hours before the booked date, Playhard Photo Booths will deem that a cancellation on behalf of the hirer and all money paid to that date will be forfeited, unless both parties have a prior agreement stating otherwise in writing.

2.5 Playhard Photo Booths reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time. If Playhard Photo Booths decides to cancel a booking, all payments made will be refunded to the client.


Space and Power Requirements

3.1 Depending which booth is booked and whether a backdrop is being used, we require a flat, dry and clean space ranging from 1.5m x 1.5m to 3mx3m. All Open Air bookings require a space of 3m x 3 m.

3.2 We require a 10A, 240v power supply within 10 metres of Booth site.

3.3 We require sufficient protection from the elements in the form of an overhead shelter with at least 2 side covers in the case of rain, extreme heat/humidity or any other extreme whether.

Internet Connectivity

4.1 It is the hirers responsibility to check that the event’s venue will have adequate signal for an Internet connection for our #hashtag Printer, GIF Booth and open-air photo booth. We will usually provide our 4G Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Free of Charge if the Mobile Phone Signal is adequate.
If it is not adequate, Internet can be supplied in the form of a non-public WiFi.
4.2 Playhard Photo Booths will not be responsible for any downtime of services due to poor/inadequate Internet connectivity. 




5.1 Playhard Photo Booths may collect certain private information about you. Playhard Photo Booths will not sell your personal details to any third party and will take all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal details remain confidential.


Use of Images

6.1 The hirer may give permission for photos taken at the event during the hire period to be displayed on Playhard Photo Booth’s website and on advertising material.

6.2 Playhard Photo Booths owns all copyright to pictures and GIFS taken at the event.



7.1 Any parking fees greater than $5.00 assigned to the photo booth attendant’s vehicle in the course of delivering the photo booth, remaining at the venue to operate the photo booth, and removing the photo booth at the end of the booked period are to be covered by the hirer.


Extended time.

8.1 If a client or representative would like to extend the booking time during the course of the event, $65.00 per every half hour (inc. GST) must be paid at the beginning of the extended time in cash.

8.2 The photo booth attendant does not have to stay longer than the initial agreed hire period.

8.3 The booth attendant is not obliged to stay on site.


Unforeseen circumstances

9.1 Should the rare, unforeseen failure of our equipment occur, a total or partial refund will be made to the hirer depending on the amount of the hire period fulfilled successfully.

9.2 Playhard Photo Booth’s will not be held responsible for unforeseen delays at the venue, which are out of our control.

9.3 The photo booth operator has the right to pause or terminate the use of the product being hired if they think that the guests are behaving in a way that is dangerous to themselves or others or may damage Playhard Photo Booths property.

9.4 The hirer will be held responsible for any damage caused to onsite photo booth equipment by guests in attendance for the event.

Sales and Promotions

10.1 Only one sale, promotion or special offer can be used at a time. 

10.2 Only new bookings qualify for special offers. 

Customised Guest Book

11.1 Because of the nature of this item, unless it arrives damaged or defective, we cannot accept returns.

11.2 We do not accept cancellations once purchased.


12.1 All guests must adhere to our Covid-19 safety plan in the following link:

12.2 If you need to reschedule your booking due to covid-19 restrictions then you will be able to move your hire date free of charge. If we are unavailable on your new hire date then we will refund you your entire invoice, including your deposit. 

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