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Congrats on hiring out our Open Air Photo booth. The next step is to make your photo strips look amazing and to match the theme of your event. We have 3 options to do so.

1. We can create a logo and photo strip design for you. More information here

2. You can design your own logo and photo strip template. More information here.

3. You can use one of our fully customisable templates. More information here.

Our photo strips are fully customisable. You can have any background you want, you can have 1-4 photos on each strip and the logo can be situated anywhere in whatever size you want it. Each photo strip is unique.

Keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to customise your photo strip, they still look great with no logo and a plain background.

There is a form to fill out in all 3 links. Please only fill out ONE form once you have made a booking for one of our Open Air Photo Booths.

Please remember to choose the look of your photo strips at least 10 days before your event so we have time to get it looking perfect.

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